Safe Harbor Associates – A Different Kind of Credit Solution

Posted by in Credit Repair on May 11, 2016 0 comments

Credit Repair companies literally dispute everything, even judgments. These are Court Ordered debts, and unless the credit repair company has an attorney on staff and they are filing a Motion to Vacate a judgment and willing to go to Court for you, these are not disputable items.

So now- they just notified the Attorney that has your collection account that you want to repair your credit with this worthless dispute letter and guess what? They have you! Your employment information is readily available on a skip trace and the next thing you know you’re being garnished… Most of our current clients using credit repair services are being garnished exactly for this reason- they haven’t received any letters or calls in years, and now all of a sudden they get hit with a garnishment.

Safe Harbor Associates, LLC is a different kind of company. We are not the standard credit repair service that charges you just to click buttons that are already free to you every day. We actually perform an in depth review of your current financial situation and credit report. We come up with a resolution plan for ALL of your debts, accounts, collections, and judgments.

Don’t make the mistake so many of our clients have made with previous companies. Your financial and personal situation could be at risk. Call 1-888-512-1708 to learn more.